Rates & Services

Leash Walks: Leash walks consist of a local walk in the dogs neighborhood. These range by time interval and your pets needs.

  • 30 minute walk $20
  • 45 minute walk $25
  • 60 minute walk $30

Play groups: Our play groups are an hour long small pack off leash adventure, where your furry family member is allowed to romp and be free to play with their k9 companions in and release some of their energy in a social setting.

  • 1 hour play group $25

Pet sitting: We offer a comfortable alternative to a kennel with our dog sitting services. We provide a variety of options from walks and feeds to overnight stays. Please inquire further about dog sitting.

  • Pet sitting $45

Leash Walks

Play groups

Pet Sitting


The Metro Mutt

dog walking & pet sitting

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