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The Metro Mutt

dog walking & pet sitting

The Metro Mutt was born out of a love of dogs, plain and simple. We had family in the dog care business and always helped out while focusing on other careers. In late 2007, we realized that career in K9 care was we wanted to focus on! Eight years later we have cared for dogs of all breeds shapes and sizes from tiny toy poodles to giant great danes. We provide dedicated care and service to our neighborhood city community of South Boston, Dorchester, Milton and Quincy. We pride ourselves on our individual attention to the needs of each dog in our pack.

Pet safety is a primary concerm here at the Mutt Rob is

pet cpr and first aid certified. We take your pets safty

very serious and take all steps necessary keep your furry family member healthy and happy.


the human: Rob

The Mutt


Meet Rob, the Human:

Rob is our Alpha, our pack leader and the Boss. Rob grew up with a family pug named Leo that his mother affectionately referred to his as “his pug brother” so you could say dog care is in his blood. Rob, though a giant to the dogs, is as comfortable cuddling a Corgi as he is playing ball with a Bernese Mountain Dog. Rob treats every dog with the care and discipline necessary for their safety and fun. When Rob isn’t creating the next dog playgroup outing, he can be found with his wife Andrea, son Oliver {dog walker in training} and of course “dawghter,” Dixie. They are either relaxing from a busy week or ruffing it up with friends

the Mutt: Dixie

Meet Dixie, the Mutt:

Our first employee and the one with the keenest sense of smell, Dixie is the original Metro Mutt. Dixie acts as our dog ambassador, meeting all new dogs and interacting with them before they are placed in their appropriate playgroup. Dixie is an 9-­‐year old Tennessee rescue who helps her human create a safe and fun atmosphere and loves working with Dad and her neighborhood dog pals. She is very social and plays with big or small dogs adult and pups. Dixie does have a few favorites. Maybe your pup will become one.